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Choose One That Stands Out

When I was in the bed and breakfast business years ago, I noticed that a lot of my competition in and around my town would neglect to put a lot of emphasis or have work done to their yard. This is a common mistake made by a lot of people and was definitely something that made our home stand out from others.

Find Those Who Hire the Professionals!

Something that my husband and I always prided ourselves in was that we had regular and professional maintenance done for any sort of work that was done on our property. Along with repairing homes and other projects that some owners take upon themselves, having it done professionally is something that really makes any bed and breakfast stand out from others and leaves a lasting impression on any guest.

Although I am no longer in the business, I still keep in contact and have many friends in the business who often come to me for advice to improve their homes and keep their guests happy. Recently, a friend from out of town came to me asking this very advice and I told her the same thing that I have been talking about on here.

Always hire the professionals!

My friend had neglected to really take care of her lawn over the years and like many others, put all of the emphasis on the inside of their house. So instead of having her husband try and take on removing huge trees and trimming some down on their lawn, I urged her to hire professional contractors who know exactly what they are doing and how to make your lawn look professionally done, but still a natural homey feel.

Luckily, she did exactly that and used her resources to look for a reputable and reliable tree service company near her for tree removal Tulsa and even she couldn’t believe the difference it made in her yard. These are some of the things that you should be looking for when choosing where you would like to stay, because those homes who go to the professionals are definitely those who are taking this business seriously.



This one is kind of going to go off of yesterday’s theme on how all of you men out there can impress your ladies and talk a little bit about what to look out for, especially when trying to impress whoever you are bringing with you.

Once you have seen all of the owner’s paperwork and everything on the inside of the house checks out, you can start narrowing down your selection based on looks or aesthetic appeal.

The Lawn & Property

As you can see for yourself here at, aside from plumbing from sprinklers, septic issues, and things of that nature, there aren’t many rules and regulations in regards to the yard and actual property that the home is on.

This is a double edge sword because unfortunately, this makes hiding certain issues a little bit easier for those who are running a bed and breakfast a little dishonestly.

Luckily, there aren’t many issues that can be hidden so you are pretty safe to go off of your own judgement and base your opinions on the looks alone. For those of you who are trying to impress your significant other, picture in your head how a candle lit dinner would look like in the yard and how romantic it would be.

Personally, I have always made sure that my yard and landscaping was professionally done and made for a perfect romantic evening under the stars.