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Don’t Ruin The Weekend…

I hope I have gotten my point across on the importance of going over all of the necessary paperwork in regards to the upkeep and maintenance of the owner’s home but just in case, I will talk about it a little more.

Back to the Gentlemen

This one is going to be another one for the guys because I really do feel that going to a bed and breakfast can be one of the most romantic and thoughtful things you can do for a lady.

That being said, the romantic getaway with your lovely lady that you spent so much time planning can go array in an instant if you don’t do your research and find the perfect home. Take the example I gave from yesterday in regards to the first house my husband and I rented before we bought our current home. Could you imagine staying inside of a house you rented for the weekend having its roof caved in because of a little bad weather?

Even though something like this may be a total fluke and is completely out of your control, it can still make you look really bad in the eyes of your gal. Remember gentlemen, you never want to look stingy around your girlfriend and this is especially true when you are doing something for her.

Avoid these headaches and really impress her by doing your research and making sure you book nothing but the best for her!


Call Back

So on one of my earlier posts I talked a little bit about the importance of ensuring that the owners of your bed and breakfast only hire professional contractors to do any repair or home improvement projects on their home and that I would take more time later on to discuss this in more detail. I am a woman of my word so here we go.

Remember… The Paperwork

If you are still searching for that perfect house and you see something that might be an issue either on the inside or outside of the house, don’t be afraid to ask for any recent documentation on a licensed and professional contractor coming in to do the proper repair work. You should never feel bad ensuring that these types of issues weren’t handled by the homeowner by throwing on some quick and easy band-aid.

Any reputable and reliable business owner will have all of the proper paperwork at hand and ready to turn over at any requests and those who don’t almost always have something that they are trying to hide which is grounds for moving on to your next option.

Although it is rare, you never want there to be any maintenance or repair issues to arise anywhere in the house or during anytime of your vacation.

Of course, I am talking about major issues that can happen to a house. For any home owners or aspiring bed and breakfast owners, there are plenty of DIY home improvement ideas here if you are curious to take a look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Paperwork!

Now that you have skipped past the couple of homes that did not want you to see their home or take a look inside before actually booking and you have narrowed it down to a handful that welcomed you without any hesitation, you can now take your investigation work a little further.

Proper Paperwork

Asking for all of the proper and up-to-date paperwork is the next technique you can use to make sure that you have found and booked the best of all of your options. This is another thing that anyone who is trying to run a reputable and honest bed and breakfast will never be hesitant to pull out at any request at a moment’s notice.

Like I mentioned before, there are a number of codes and ordinances that a bed and breakfast need to follow in order to legally offer their home to strangers. If you have found anything that might be of concern on your own little inspection, don’t be afraid to ask to see any paperwork that relates to the state of their home.

It is important to see that any home repairs, additions, or remodeling was done by licensed & insured contractors that follow strict guidelines and rules to make sure everything is in working order and is safe to inhabit. I have seen a great number of bed and breakfast owners who like to take on this kind of work themselves and even though they like to think that they are capable of doing so, 9 times out of 10 they are not done properly and would never meet the proper regulations.

This is a pretty important topic that I will make sure to come back to.

First Things First…

This one might be obvious to those who have never had any experience in either running or being guests of a professionally run Bed and Breakfast like yours truly, but I want this page to be for those who fall right into that category and don’t have much experience at all so bear with me on some of what I decide to cover here on The Happy Guest.

The House

There are a lot of people out there who like to take advantage of unsuspecting guests without any real knowledge on what to look for in a bed and breakfast but don’t worry my friends, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you don’t fall as the next victim!

For one thing, if it isn’t too far out of your way you can always request to see the house first and do your own little investigation work to check out and make sure that everything is in working order and up to code. Those who run a proper and professional bed and breakfast have to abide by a certain and designed set of standards and codes to technically even be able to offer their home for random guests.

If anyone is at all hesitant to show you their home and allow you to take your own little tour around their place then this is an immediate red flag and you should start looking elsewhere. Someone who has nothing to hide and is proud of what they are offering will never be afraid to show off what they have to offer and should welcome an inspection with open arms!