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What Are You Trying To Do?

Now that you have taken the first couple (and most important) steps in choosing the bed and breakfast for you and all the proper paperwork checks out but you still are left with a couple of choices, you can start narrowing down based on the more fun stuff 🙂

What’s Your Situation?

Now this part in the selection process is going to be pretty much based on what you like in a home and what you want to get out of your little vacation.

Are you visiting with a life long best friend?

A husband of 20 years?

A new girlfriend that you want to try and impress?

The home, landscaping, surrounding areas, and so much more will all have an effect on how the weekend will go based on what you are trying to get out of it.

For those of you out there who are traveling with a friend or a group of friends and are among the lucky younger generation out there, then the house probably won’t make as much of an impact on your decision as say the location of the house and what other activities or things you can in the area.

Someone who is traveling with a newer significant other (maybe taking their first vacation together) will probably want a more romantic setting with a beautiful scenery around it, rather than a party town with plenty of bars everywhere.

Whereas an older couple who have vacationed many times together will most likely prefer a quiet location with a neatly kept house and maybe a beach or park to visit in the day.

These are all situational of course and you are going to have to think about these and decide for yourself.