About the Author

Hello Friends!

My name is Alena and I am here to try and teach you the basics in what to look for when searching for a memorable bed and breakfast experience and make you a Happy Guest!

I am currently living in America, but am from Rome which is where my husband and I ran our own bed and breakfast business called The Happy Guest. This is what brought me here and why I decided to make this page.

I never really thought bed and breakfasts were gaining popularity in other parts of the world so when I noticed the trend starting to happen here, I couldn’t have been more excited to share some of my experiences and knowledge to anyone who is interested in learning more. My husband and I are no longer in the business but it is something that we would love to do again here when he finally retires and we have more time on our hands to really dedicate ourselves to doing so.

For the most part, I will probably be talking about things that most people already know if they have ever stayed at a bed and breakfast before so this is your warning. I want to try and get more people who have never stayed in one before to give them a try and want to give a few tips before jumping right in.

If there are any questions that you might have for me you can contact me here.